Support for AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, and 2002 Ending

Friday, January 12, 2007

Autodesk retired AutoCAD 2002 a year ago, which means that they no longer provide technical support for it. AutoCAD 2000 and 2000i were retired before that. Up to this point, we have done our best to support these older versions of AutoCAD, even though Autodesk no longer does. 

Starting with the next major release of Design Master, we will require AutoCAD 2004 or later. AutoCAD 2002 and earlier will no longer be an option for Design Master. This version is scheduled to be released at our user conference at the end of April.

Our current programs, Design Master HVAC 5.0 and Design Master Electrical 6.3, will both continue to work in AutoCAD 2002 and earlier. We will support them fully on AutoCAD 2000 and later until our next versions are released. Once we have released the next versions, support for the current versions will be limited.

What You Should Do If You Are Running AutoCAD 2002 or Earlier

If you currently do not have licenses AutoCAD 2004 or later, your local Autodesk reseller can assist you with purchasing an upgrade to AutoCAD 2007.  Upgrade pricing for retired Autodesk products is available through what Autodesk calls their "Legacy Program." It is our opinion that the subscription program is worth paying for, even if you don't end up installing each new version of AutoCAD as it comes out.

If you do have licenses for AutoCAD 2004 or later, but are still running AutoCAD 2002 or earlier, we encourage you to install the newer version of AutoCAD. It is easier to upgrade AutoCAD first and Design Master second, rather than doing both at the same time. Upgrading AutoCAD now will put you in a position this spring to upgrade to the new version of Design Master.

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