Customer Comments

- Michael Wolfe, Interbrand Design Forum

The only way to be productive in today's rough economy is to be efficient and this software is key to being efficient as possible.

- Thomas Segelhorst PE, Integrated Mechanical

Just wanted to let you guys know we appreciate the effort it must take to produce the Design Master HVAC program. It is a large asset to our company. We are also pleased with the 3D integration into Revit.  We were fearful that we would have to start using Revit to design (when in fact it is a terrible HVAC program), but Design Master has stepped up and is allowing us to design as usual!

- Joe Green, Greenco

I just want to say how great I think the plumbing software is. It is easy to use, customizable and I have really enjoyed using it. It has sped our design time up tremendously.

- Heyoung Lee, Proficient Engineering

Thanks for your prompt tech support.  I am amazed how responsive you guys are. Good tech support is very rare in this day and age, and you are by far the best. I cannot think of anyone else who is better.

- Lance Brummet, Warren Smith & Associates

I was talking with two other electrical guys here. One commented that he doesn't like the change Design Master requires. My response was, “I’ve done it the old way, you’ll have to pry Design Master out of my cold dead hands.”

- Dana Lund, DP Lund Company

This program is sweet. I’m not sure I would even want to be an engineer anymore if someone took it away from me.

I tell all the other electrical engineers I know how bad the software is, so that they don’t look into it. I think it takes 30-40% of the time required to complete a job off, and thus gives me a competitive advantage.

- John Luchsinger

Your program literally has changed the way I use my designing skills. The feedback on my latest project was, "The drawings look great and the engineer did a great job."

- Bill Haberkorn, EXTRA Electric

Considering that I'm trained as an Electrician to install with no formal 'EE' training, I found it extremely easy to use with a low learning curve.

October 25, 2006 - Richard Dennehy, Hill Electric

Business is going great. Design Master is doing an excellent job.. . . I would be totally stressed out, instead of partially, if it wasn't for the program. [It] really does make life easier. At 67 years of age I'm looking for the easiest way to do everything.

- Brian Singleton, David Lee Associates

Let me take another opportunity to praise your product. I'm taking a series of HVAC classes right now that are teaching me how to manually do (and understand) what your software has been doing for me for the past several months. The more I learn about HVAC design, the more I realize how awesome DM is. I really don't think anything else out there comes close to your software, and talking with the other students and even the instructors only affirms this. . . . Thanks again for your software!

- Clint Rabe, Mercer Engineering

I was working on [an] assisted living project that is roughly 10,000 sq. ft and dropped in both lighting and receptacles for this facility in under an half hour. You've got the copy and mirror commands on DM tuned up very nicely! Now I can sit back and wait to circuit it up after getting some feedback from the architect. I was estimating that it would take the entire morning and it didn't. It was outstanding! This has been the case consistently on Fridays for some reason and my co-workers shake their heads as I keep saying "I love Design Master" repeatedly in the mornings. Have a great day and thanks for making work a bit easier to take early Friday morning.

Here are some mottos you could use for your software:

"Design Master lessens the time spent drawing and allows more time for the engineer to do actual engineering."

"Design Master = more time for life = more family time.  Use it for the kids! (and to treat your sleep deprivation!)"

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