Add Calculation Area to Group

The Add Calculation Area to Group command is used to group multiple calculation areas together. Calculations areas in a group share a common calculation schedule.

To add a calculation area to a calculation area group, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Point-by-Point Photometrics-> dm_elec-addPhotometricGroup Add Calculation Area to Group

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Point-by-Point Photometrics->Add Calculation Area to Group

You will be prompted to identify the calculation area that is currently part of the group you want to add another calculation area to.

Select calculation boundary:

Select a point on the calculation area boundary. You will then be prompted to identify another calculation area that is to be added to the group the first area is part of.

Select boundary to group with the first boundary:

The second calculation area will be added to the same group as the first calculation area. If the second calculation area was in another group, it will be removed from the group but all of the other areas in the group will remain. If the second area had a calculation schedule inserted on the drawing, it will be erased. The calculation schedule for the group will include the foot-candle values from the second area.

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