Add Device to Junction Box

To connect devices to a junction box, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Devices-> dm_elec-jboxadddevice Add Device to Junction Box

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Junction Boxes->Add Device to Junction Box

You will be prompted to select the junction box.

Select junction box:

After you select the junction box, you will then be prompted to select the devices you want to associate with the junction box.

Select objects:

The selected junction box and devices are now associated with each other. When loops are drawn using the Draw Homerun and Loops command, these devices will be directly connected to the junction box. The junction box will be connected to other devices on the circuit. Nothing else will be connected to the devices.

If the device was previously connected to a different junction box, it will now be connected to this junction box. It is not necessary to first disconnect the device before connecting it to a new junction box.

Although the drawing indicates the junction box and devices are associated by the loops drawn, this does not mean that the devices have been circuited. It is still necessary to connect the devices to the appropriate circuit.

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