Adjust Conduit Radius

The Adjust Conduit Radius command can be used to adjust the conduit radius of an offset conduit so that the bends are concentric rather than staggered. To adjust the radius of a conduit, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->3D-BIM-> dm_elec-conduit-adjustRadius Adjust Conduit Radius

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Conduit->Adjust Conduit Radius

You will be prompted to identify which conduits have radii to be adjusted.

Select conduits to adjust radius on:

After you have selected the conduits with radii to be adjusted, the Inside Radius dialog box will appear.

Conduits--Inside Radius dialog box

The radius that is specified in this dialog box is used for the inside radius of turns in the conduit. With multiple parallel conduits, this value is specified for the conduit that is on the inside with the smallest radius. The bends in the other conduits will be adjusted so that they have the same center point as the inside bend.

Select the desired radius criteria and press the OK button.

The applicable conduit radii will be adjusted.

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