Aim Light Fixture

The Aim Light Fixture command is used to aim a light fixtures at a specific point on the ground.

To aim a light fixture, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Point-by-Point Photometrics-> dm_elec-photo-aimLF Aim Light Fixture

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Point-by-Point Photometrics->Aim Light Fixture

Select the light fixture to be aimed.

Select light fixture:

You will then be prompted to pecify the location on the ground where the light fixture will be aimed.

Select point to aim light fixture towards:

The light fixture will be rotated on the drawing to point toward the specified point.

The Tilt will be adjusted based upon the light fixture elevation to point toward the specified point.

The Roll will be set to 0.

See the Insert Light Fixture section for more information about the Tilt and Roll settings.

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