Arc-Flash Overview

This section provides an overview of how arc-flash calculations work.

The goal of arc-flash calculations is to calculate the incident energy at a specific distance from the equipment during an arc-flash event. The calculated energy is used to determine how to keep workers safe while working on the equipment live.

The personal protection equipment (PPE) required for the person working on the equipment is based upon the incident energy at the working distance from the equipment. The arc-flash-protection boundary is the distance unprotected workers must keep between themselves and the equipment.

In both cases, the calculated energy values will limit the injury for workers to second-degree burns.

There are three commands you will use when performing arc-flash calculations:

The Set Arc-Flash Values command is used to specify the additional information about panels required to perform arc-flash calculations. Most of the work related to arc-flash is done using this command.

The Insert Arc-Flash Schedule command will print a schedule on the drawing documenting the arc-flash calculations.

The Print Arc-Flash Stickers command will create stickers for each of your panels and display them in your web browser. You can then print them using a color printer and sticker paper and attach them to your panels in the field.

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