Calculate All Circuit Loads

The Calculate All Circuit Loads command is used to recalculate all the loads on all the circuits on all the one-line devices in the project. It guarantees that all the loads shown in one-line devices schedules are correct.

To recalculate all circuit loads, go to

DM Electrical->Utilities->Calculate All Circuit Loads

All of the loads on all of the circuits in the project will be reset to 0. The load on each device will then be added to the circuit it is connected to. Once all the branch circuits are updated, the loads will be transferred between one-line devices, starting from the bottom one-line devices and working up toward the utility.

In general, this command does not need to be run. Circuit loads are updated automatically as you modify your design. Recalculating all the loads can take a long time, especially on large projects.

You can use the Recalculate Selected Circuit and Recalculate All Circuits buttons on the Circuiting dialog box to recalculate smaller portions of the project. See the Circuiting section for more information.

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