Create 3D Block from Entities

The Create 3D Block from Entities command is used to create a 3D block that can be used in your 3D model to represent a device. You select an outline on the drawing that represents the block when viewed from above. This outline is then extruded to create a 3D solid.

To create a more complex 3D model for your device, use standard AutoCAD commands.

To create the block, go to

DM Electrical->Customization->Block Creation->Create 3D Block from Entities

Create 3D Block from Entities Dialog Box

Customization--Block Creation.Create 3D Block dialog box

Block Type: The type of device blocks shown in Block List. Change this field to display a different list of blocks.

Block List: A list of all the blocks based upon the Block Type field. When you select a block from this list, the File Name field is filled in with the name of the block + "-3D" appended to the end.

The only purpose of this list is to set the File Name field. You do not have to use this list at all. You can directly set the name of the file and ignore this field.

File Name: The file name of the 3D block. This field can be set by selected a block from the Block List.

Insertion Elevation Location: What the elevation of a device that uses this 3D block represents. When you insert a device, you are prompted for the elevation. Where that elevation falls on the device depends upon how the 3D block representing the device is defined.

Top: The elevation is the top of the device. The device will extend below the specified elevation.
Center: The elevation is the center of the device. The device will extend above and below the specified elevation.
Bottom: The elevation is the bottom of the device. The device will extend above the specified elevation.

Block Height: The height in inches the block outline will be extruded.

Enter the information needed to create the 3D block and press OK.

You will be prompted to select the entity to use as the outline for the block. You can select either a closed polyline or a circle.

Select polyline or circle to extrude:

You will then be prompted to select any other entities you want to include in the block. These entities will be included exactly as they are drawn. They will not be extruded or otherwise modified.

Select other entities to include in the block:
Select objects:

You will then be prompted to specify the insertion point for the block. It is important that the insertion point for the block match the insertion point used for the plan view block.

Specify insertion point:

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