Creating Rooms

To create a room in the current drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Buildings and Rooms-> dm_elec-roomcreate Create Room

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Building Definition->Create Room

Create New Room Dialog Box


Room Number: The name of the room.

Room Type: The room type taken from the room project schedule. Determines the default settings for the room. See the Room Project Schedule section for more information.

Floor: The floor the room is associated with. See the Floor List section for more information.

Create Room: Press this button to create the room on the drawing.

You will be prompted to identify the location of the room on the drawing.

Specify first room point:

Select a point where the room is to be located. You will be prompted to specify the next room point.

Specify next room point / <Finish>:

Select the next point of the room outline on the drawing. Continue inserting points until the room outline is defined. Press ENTER to complete the room outline.

The room will be displayed on the drawing. You will be prompted to select the location for the room information

Specify room info location:

The room label will be inserted on the drawing with a leader pointing to the room.

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