Create Slide

The Create Slide command is used to create a slide using an area of your drawing. A slide is an image file that is displayed in dialog boxes to represent the block that is selected.

The slide file needs to have the same name as the block that it represents. If a block is selected that does not have a corresponding slide, an X will be shown in the dialog box instead. The block will insert properly whether or not a slide of it exists.

To create a slide, go to

DM Electrical->Customization->Block Creation->Create Slide

Save Slide As Dialog Box

Customization--Block Creation.Save Slide As dialog box

Specify the name of the slide file to create.

Press the Save button to create the slide. You will be prompted to draw a box on your drawing. A snapshot of everything inside the box will be saved in the slide.

Specify first corner of slide:
Specify second corner:

Click on the drawing at the location of the opposite corner of the slide.

The screen will flash while the slide is being created.

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