Delete Drawing

The Delete Drawing command is used to delete a drawing that contains Design Master Electrical devices and remove all of the associated information from the database.

If you delete a drawing using Windows Explorer, the database is not updated. Any devices that existed on the drawing will still exist in the database. It is possible to delete these devices using the Delete Extra Devices from Database command, but this method can easily create larger problems.

Deleting the drawing using this command will make sure that the necessary changes to the database are made. All of the devices on the drawing will also be deleted. They will be disconnected from the distribution equipment they are connected to and the circuit loads will be updated.

It is not necessary to use this command if the drawing does not contain Design Master Electrical devices, though there is no harm if you do.

To delete a drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Utilities-> dm_dm-util ->Delete Drawing

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Utilities->Delete Drawing

Select Drawing to Delete Dialog Box

Utilities--Select Drawing to Delete dialog box

Select the drawing to delete and press the Open button.

The drawing will be deleted. All of the devices on the drawing will be deleted from the database.

A backup of the drawing and the database will be made before the command is run in case a drawing is deleted accidentally.

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