Draw Homerun Only

The Draw Homerun Only command is used to draw only the homerun for a circuit. This command can be used to move the homerun from one device to another without affecting the loops that are already inserted on the drawing.

To draw a homerun only without drawing the loops associated with the circuit, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns-> dm_elec-drawhr Draw Homerun Only

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns->Draw Homerun Only

You will be prompted to select the device from which to draw the homerun.

Select device from which to draw homerun:

You will then be prompted to select other devices with circuits to add to the homerun.

Select other devices with circuits to add to homerun:

If you select additional devices on different circuits, a combined homerun that includes all of the circuits will be inserted. A combined homerun requires the wires of all of the circuits to be the same size. You cannot combine circuits that use different size wires. The neutral will be shared based upon the Share Neutral on Combined Homeruns setting.

Right click or press space to change HR arc direction.

Position the homerun on the drawing. If you right-click or press SPACE, the arc direction of the homerun will be flipped.

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