Edit Feeder Schedule List

To edit feeder schedule settings, go to

DM Electrical->Customization->Labels and Schedules->Project List->Edit Feeder Schedule List


DM Electrical->Customization->Labels and Schedules->Standards and Master Lists->Edit Feeder Schedule List

Feeder Schedule Label Display and Order Dialog Box

Customization--Labels and Schedules.Feeder Schedule Label Display and Order dialog box

See the Common Label and Schedule Information section for more information on using the Move Up and Move Down buttons and the Key, Label, Width, Display, and Schedule Title fields.

Amps: The ampacity of the feeder.

Conduit and Feeder: The size of the feeder, including the conduit size and all wire sizes.

Devices: The one-line devices fed by this size feeder.

Feeder ID: The feeder ID for this size feeder.

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