Edit Multiple Junction Boxes

To edit multiple junction boxes, go to

DM Electrical->Junction Boxes->Edit Multiple Junction Boxes

You will be prompted to select the junction boxes that you want to edit.

Select junction boxes to edit:

After you have selected the junction boxes to edit, press ENTER. The Edit Multiple Junction Boxes dialog box will open.

Edit Multiple Junction Boxes Dialog Box

Junction Boxes--Edit Multiple Junction Boxes

Changes can be made to the junction boxes in the same way as when they were inserted. See the Insert Junction Boxes section for more information.

Values that are the same for all the selected junction boxes will be displayed in the dialog box.

Any values that are not the same for all the junction boxes will be displayed as <Varies>. If you change the value, all the junction boxes will be assigned the new value. If you leave the value as <Varies>, all the junction boxes will retain their current settings.

Press OK to apply the changes to the selected junction boxes.

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