Edit Multiple Low Voltage Devices

To edit multiple low voltage devices at one time, go to

DM Electrical->Low Voltage Devices->Edit Multiple Low Voltage Devices

You will be prompted to select the low voltage devices that you want to edit.

Select objects:

After you have selected the low voltage devices to edit, the Edit Multiple Low Voltage Devices dialog box will open.

Edit Multiple Low Voltage Devices Dialog Box

Low Voltage Devices--Edit Multiple Low Voltage Devices Dialog Box

Changes can be made to the low voltage devices in the same way as when they were inserted. See the Insert Low Voltage Device section for more information.

To change a value for the selected low voltage devices, check the box next to the field. Any fields that are not checked will not be changed.

After the box next to a field is checked, it will be enabled and allow you to make changes to it.

Some fields have a second check box. This check box specifies whether the value should override the value in the schedule. If it is left blank, the low voltage device will be reset to the default value from the schedule.

Low Voltage Devices--Unchecked Second Checkbox example

If the box is checked, then the value for the specific low voltage device will replace the value from the schedule.

Low Voltage Devices--Checked Second Checkbox example

Once you have specified the changes you want made, press OK. The drawing and database will be updated with the new values.

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