Edit Note

To edit a note on a device, go to

DM Electrical->Modify Devices->Edit Note

You will be prompted to specify which note is to be edited.

Select device note to edit:

The dialog box that is displayed depends upon what type of note you selected. When selecting a general note inserted using the Insert Note command, the Edit Device Note dialog box will be displayed.

Edit Device Note Dialog Box

Modify Devices--Edit Device Note Dialog Box

Type the revised note into the Note field and press OK.

If the revised Note is longer than one line, press the Edit button and type in the entire revised note and press OK.

Editing Other Types of Notes

Selecting other types of notes will display different dialog boxes. If you can change the note, a dialog box with the note value with be displayed. This dialog box might have other information in it, as well. You will have to change the information that is related to the note you selected.

If you cannot directly change the note, nothing will happen. To change these values, you need to modify the source of the information directly. For example, to change a light fixture callout, query the light fixture and change the type there. To change a circuit callout, connect the device to a different circuit.

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