All devices can be assigned an elevation. The 2D and 3D blocks for the device will be inserted at the specified elevation. For 3D blocks, whether this elevation is the top, center, or bottom elevation is based upon the block that is used.

It is not necessary to set the elevation. A default value of 0 will be used. You will not see any errors, though some features will not be useful if you do not provide elevations. The 3D model will not be correct. Distances between devices will not account for differences in elevation.

Relative to alignment point area: The elevation is relative to the alignment point area for the device. The elevation you enter is added to the elevation of the alignment point to give the true elevation of the device.

Relative to ground: This option applies only to panels. The elevation is relative to the ground. Typically, this option is used when the Generate Riser command will be performed before distribution equipment is inserted on a drawing.

Elevations are specified as feet-inches, similar to an architectural format, but without the foot or inch tick marks. A single number without a dash is interpreted as an elevation in feet.

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