Equipment Blocks

The Equipment Blocks commands allow you to customize the list of blocks available to be used for equipment connections listed in the project and master schedules.

See the Block Creation section for more information about creating new blocks.

See the General Customization Commands section for more information about how the Edit Project List, Edit Master List, Copy Project List to Master, and Copy Master List to Project commands work.

The Edit Project List and Edit Master List commands open the Equipment Connection Blocks dialog box.

Equipment Connection Blocks Dialog Box

Customization--Block Creation.Equipment Connection Blocks

Sort: Press this button to sort the list of blocks alphabetically by the description column.

Move Up: Press this button to move the selected block up in the list of blocks.

Move Down: Press this button to move the selected block down in the list of blocks.

New: Press this button to create a new block.

Delete: Press this button to delete the selected block. If the block is currently used by a record in the schedule, you will be asked if you want to replace the block in the schedule with another block.

See the Common Block Information section for more information on the Description, To Scale, and Can Rotate fields.

For most equipment connections, To Scale should not be checked and Can Rotate should not be checked. See the Common Block Information section has more information about what happens when these fields are checked or not checked.

Disconnect Block Name: Each equipment connection can be composed of a pair of two blocks, one for the equipment and one for the disconnect. This field stores the name of file containing the block for the disconnect. If the Disconnect Block Name column is left blank, then the equipment will be inserted without a disconnect.

3D Disconnect Block Name: Store the name of the file used to draw the disconnect in 3D. If the <2D Block Name>-3d selection is chosen, the file name from the Disconnect Block Name field will be used with "-3d" added to the end of it. For example, if the disconnect block name is "disc.dwg", then 3D block name would be "disc-3d.dwg".

NEMA: The value entered in the NEMA field is included as a note below the disconnect when the equipment is inserted on the drawing. It can be left blank. This field is disabled when a equipment connection does not have a disconnect

Disconnect Can Rotate: Whether the disconnect can be rotated on the drawing or not.

See the Common Equipment Connection Information section for more information on NEMA classifications.

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