Insert Alignment Point

The Insert Alignment Point command is used to insert alignment points and alignment point areas on the drawing. Multiple alignment points can be inserted on a drawing.

To insert an alignment point on the current drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Alignment Points-> dm_dm-apoint-insert Insert Alignment Point

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Alignment Points->Insert Alignment Point

Alignment Point Elevation Dialog Box

Alignment Points--Alignment Point Elevation dialog box

See the Common Alignment Point Information section for more information on the Elevation field.

Enter the Elevation and press the OK button. You will be prompted to identify the location of the alignment point on the drawing.

Specify insertion point:

The alignment point will be used to coordinate the current drawing with other drawings. The alignment point should be set in the same place on every drawing in the project folder. You will then be prompted to identify the direction of north on the drawing.

Specify rotation angle:

If this is the first alignment point inserted on a drawing, the command will end.

If there are other alignment points on the drawing, you will be prompted to specify the location of the alignment point area.

First corner of alignment point area:

Second corner of alignment point area:

The alignment point area must surround the alignment point.

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