Insert Feeder ID

The Insert Feeder ID command is used to insert ID tags for feeders on the drawing.

Each row in the feeder schedule can be assigned a number. The feeder ID will contain the corresponding number. Inserting feeder IDs is an alternative to labeling each feeder with the full feeder callout. The numbers in the feeder IDs will update as rows are added and removed from the feeder schedule. See the Insert Feeder Schedule section for more information about inserting the feeder schedule on the drawing.

To insert a feeder ID, go to

DM Electrical->One-Line Diagram->Insert Feeder ID

You will be prompted to select the feeder ID to insert.

Select feeder from drawing or [<Select feeder from list of one-line devices>]:

Select feeder from drawing: Select a feeder in the one-line diagram on the drawing. A feeder ID corresponding to the selected feeder will be inserted.

Select feeder from list of one-line devices: Press ENTER or type S to select the feeder from a dialog box. The Feeder List dialog box will appear.


Choose the device feeder is connected to and press OK. A feeder ID corresponding to the selected device will be inserted.

After you have chosen the feeder ID to be selected, you will be prompted to insert it on the drawing.

Specify feeder ID location:

Specify the location for the feeder ID.

Once the feeder ID is inserted, it can be moved using standard AutoCAD commands. To delete it, use the Remove Feeder ID command.

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