Insert One-Line Device Schedule

To place a one-line device schedule on a drawing, go to

DM Electrical->One-Line Schedules->Insert One-Line Device Schedule

A one-line device schedules lists the description, load total summary, and individual circuits and taps for a specific one-line device.

Insert One-Line Device Schedule Dialog Box

One-Line Schedules--Insert One-Line Device Schedule dialog box

One-Line Device Schedule to Insert: A list of all the one-line devices in the database.

Select the schedule to insert and press OK.

Inserting One-Line Devices Schedules on the Drawing

You will be prompted to select the insertion point for the one-line device schedule.

Insertion point for <one-line device name> / <Cancel>:

After you specify the location for the schedule, you will be prompted to insert the schedule for the next one-line device in the list.

Insertion point for <one-line device name> / <End>:

Continue inserting one-line devices on the drawing, or press ENTER to end the command.

The load totals for the one-line devices are not updated when the schedules are inserted. To calculate these values and update the schedules, use the Update One Line Device Schedule command.

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