Insert Distribution Equipment Schedule

A distribution equipment schedule lists the description, load total summary, and individual circuits and taps for a specific distribution equipment.

To place a distribution equipment schedule on a drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Distribution Equipment-> dm_elec-panelinsert Insert Distribution Equipment Schedule

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Distribution Equipment Schedules->Insert Distribution Equipment Schedule

Insert Distribution Equipment Schedule Dialog Box


Distribution Equipment Schedule to Insert: A list of all of the distribution equipment in the database.

Select the schedule to insert and press the OK button.

Inserting Distribution Equipment Schedules on the Drawing

You will be prompted to select the insertion point for the distribution equipment schedule.

Insertion point for <distribution equipment name> / <Cancel>:

After you specify the location for the schedule, you will be prompted to insert the schedule for the next distribution equipment in the list.

Insertion point for <distribution equipment name> / <End>:

Continue inserting distribution equipment on the drawing, or press ENTER to end the command.

The load totals for the distribution equipment are not updated when the schedules are inserted. To calculate these values and update the schedules, use the Update Distribution Equipment Schedule command.

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