Insert Receptacle

To insert a receptacle in a drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Devices-> dm_elec-recinsert Insert Receptacle

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Receptacles->Insert Receptacle

Insert Receptacle Dialog Box


Receptacle Type: The type of receptacle to be inserted. The list of receptacles available is defined in the Receptacle Project Schedule command.

The default values for the receptacle are specified based upon the receptacle type you choose.

Some of these values cannot be changed in the individual receptacle. To use a different value, you must choose a different receptacle type.

Other values can be overridden in the individual receptacle. To do this, check the box next to the value you want you change. You can the specify the value that will apply to the receptacles you will insert on the drawing.

Elevation: The elevation of the receptacle. See the Elevation section for more information.

Layer System: See the Layer System section for more information.

Override Schedule Load: Check these boxes to override the load defined in the schedule. If this box is checked, the load fields below it will be enabled and can be changed.

See the Common Receptacle Information section for more information about the other values in this dialog box.

Inserting the Receptacle on the Drawing

To insert a receptacle on the drawing, press the OK button. The settings you specified in the dialog box will be used for the receptacles that you insert. You will be prompted to insert them on the drawing.

Specify insertion point:

After you specify the location for the receptacle, you will be prompted for the rotation angle. If the receptacle block is not able to be rotated, this prompt will be skipped.

Specify rotation angle <0>:

If there are any notes included with the receptacle, you will then be prompted to insert the notes on the drawing. See the Inserting Notes and Leaders on the Drawing section for more information about inserting the notes.

Once you are finished inserting a receptacle, you will be prompted to insert another of the same type. You may continue to insert receptacles, or press ENTER to end the command.

Related Options

Receptacles options: Set the label inserted on the drawing with the receptacle if Explosion-proof, Weather-proof, GFCI, or Isolated Ground is set to Yes.

Insert 3D blocks on drawing: Sets whether a 3D block is inserted on the drawing along with the 2D block.

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