Insert Standard Receptacle

The Insert Standard Receptacle command allows the user to rapidly insert receptacles of one type that is standard for the particular project without having to select the receptacle type from the Insert Receptacles dialog box.

DM Electrical->Receptacles->Insert Standard Receptacle

You will be prompted to specify the insertion point and rotation angle for receptacles on the drawing. The receptacles that are inserted will be created using the standard receptacle type from the Receptacle Project Schedule.

No STANDARD Receptacle Defined

If the STANDARD receptacle is not defined, you will see the following dialog box.


If you press No, the command will be canceled. If you press Yes, Design Master Electrical will automatically display the Receptacle Project Schedule dialog box so that you can define the STANDARD receptacle for the given project.

After you close the Receptacle Project Schedule dialog box, you will need to run the Insert Standard Receptacle command again to insert a STANDARD receptacle.

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