Master and Standards Databases

The master and standards databases are used to store default settings for new projects. You can make changes to the customization settings, store them in these files, and reuse them.

These databases are stored in your electrical customization folder. For companies with more than one user, we recommend that the electrical customization folder be on your network. Placing the folder there allows you to share the customization between all your users. Otherwise, synchronizing the customization on all of the different computers is complicated.

When you create a project, the settings from the master and standards databases are copied to it. Once you start a project, it is no longer associated with the standards or master database. The project has its own database with its own separate settings. Changes to the project do not affect the standards or master databases, and changes to the standards and master databases do not affect the project.

Master Database

There is only one master database. All of the blocks are stored in the master, as well as the various schedules.

When a project is created, all of the block records are copied from the master to the project database. You can choose to copy a specific group from each of the master schedules to the project database.

The master database stores the following information:

All of the block lists
Junction Box Master Schedule
Light Fixture Master Schedule
Low Voltage Device Master Schedule
Receptacle Master Schedule
Room Master Schedule
Wire Sizing Master List
Feeder IDs

Master Database Groups

Groups allow you to organize the records in your master schedule.

When you start a project, all of the entries from a single group can be copied to the project. Copying a group is helpful when you have a common type of project with similar schedules. You can set up the schedule once in the master as a group, then reuse it in new projects.

While working on a project, you can import entries from a group into the project. You can create multiple groups for different types of schedule entries or different manufacturers. The organization of the groups makes it easier to find the record you want to import.

Standards Databases

Multiple standards databases can be created. Each standards database has its own set of customization settings.

When a project is started, you choose which standards database to copy the customization settings from. Everything from the standards database is copied to the project and used as the default settings.

The standards database stores the following information:

Cable tray groups
Conduit groups
Label group settings
Layer systems
Layer definitions
Options settings
Text styles

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