The Merge Project command is used to merge panels and drawings from another project into the current project.

To merge the another project with the current project, go to

DM Electrical->Utilities->Merge Project

Select Electrical Project to Merge Box Dialog Box

Utilities--Select Electrical Project to Merge dialog box

Browse to the project you want to merge with the current project and select the file and press Open.

Merge Projects Dialog Box


One-Line Device Conflict Resolution: How conflicts between one-line devices will be handled when the projects are merged.

Create new one-line device: If a one-line device with the same name exists in the two projects, a copy will be created in the current project.
Merge circuits:
Use first available space:

Drawings to Merge:

Rooms to Merge:

Equipment to Merge:

One-Line Devices to Merge:

What Happens During the Merge

Press OK to close the dialog box and merge the selected project with the current project.

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