Offset 3D Device Block

The Offset 3D Device Block command is used to position the 3D representation of a device to a different location from the 2D representation of the device. In 2D drafting, the location of a device does not always match its location in reality. The locations of devices are adjusted to make the plan readable. For 3D collision detection, devices need to be inserted exactly where they belong in the building.

Devices are first inserted at the location where the 2D representation goes. Then, if the project is using 3D-BIM, the 3D representation can be moved using this command.

To offset a 3D device block, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->3D-BIM-> dm_elec-device-offset3DBlock Offset 3D Device Block

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->3D-BIM->Offset 3D Device Block

You will be prompted to identify which device is to be offset.

Select device to offset 3D block:

You will then be prompted to identify the location for the 3D block.

Specify location for 3D block:

The 3D block will be moved to the specified location.

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