The Options commands allow you to customize a variety of settings that affect the calculations in your project and appearance of your drawings.

See the General Customization Commands section for more information about how the Edit Project List, Edit Standards List, Copy Project List to Standards, and Copy Standards List to Project commands work.

The Edit Project List and Edit Standards List commands open the Design Master Electrical Options dialog box.

Design Master Electrical Options Dialog Box

Customization--Options.Design Master Electrical Options dialog box

The Design Master Electrical Options dialog box contains a list of all the options and their current settings. The options are arranged in groups in the list. The groups are described in the sections below.

Editing a Setting

To edit an option setting, double-click the Value in the list and enter a new value.

Press OK to save your changes.

If the change you made to the options does not immediately appear on the drawing, run the Coordinate Drawing and Database command. This command will update the drawing to use the new settings you have specified.

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