Remove Conduit or Cable Tray Node

The Remove Conduit or Cable Tray Node command is used to convert two conduit or cable tray centerlines into a single centerline. The two centerlines you select must be connected. The new centerline that is created will run from the starting point of the first centerline to the ending point of the second centerline. This command cannot be used on intersections with more than two centerlines.

To remove a conduit or cable tray node, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->3D-BIM-> dm_elec-cc-removeNode Remove Conduit or Cable Tray Node

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->3D-BIM->Remove Conduit or Cable Tray Node

You will be prompted to identify the node to be removed.

Select conduit or cable tray near node to remove:

Select the centerline of the conduit or cable tray close to the node that is to be removed. The two centerlines will be removed and replaced with a single centerline.

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