Repair Database

The Repair Database command is used to repair a corrupt database.

While this command is always safe to run, there are very few errors that it can fix. It is included mainly for use during technical support. You are welcome to try it, but do not expect too much from it.

In general, if you can run a different command and have a dialog box appear, this command will not help solve the problem you are having.

To repair a corrupt database, go to

DM Electrical->Utilities->Repair Database

Select Database to Repair Dialog Box

Utilities--Select Database to Repair dialog box

Select the database to repair and press Open. This command requires that no users, including yourself, be connected to the database.

If you have been working on a drawing in this project, it is necessary to completely close AutoCAD to disconnect from the database. The command should be run from a drawing that is not in the project, as opening a drawing in the project will connect you to the database.

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