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Design Master Electrical RT is an add-in that adds a number of electrical engineering improvements to Revit MEP 2014, Revit MEP 2015, Revit MEP 2016, Revit 2017, Revit 2018, Revit 2019, and Revit 2020.

One-Line Riser Diagram: Create a one-line riser diagram based upon the electrical system in your Revit MEP model. Automatically keep your one-line riser diagram up-to-date as your project changes.

Feeder Sizing: Feeders are size automatically based upon the upstream overcurrent protection for a piece of distribution equipment. You have complete control of the chosen feeder size and can override it when necessary.

Branch Circuit Sizing: Branch circuit breakers and wire sizes are sized automatically based upon the connected load. You have complete control of the breaker and wire size and can override it when necessary. Size motor breakers based upon equipment MCA and MOCP.

Fault Calculations: Available fault current is calculated for each piece of distribution equipment. The calculated fault current can be used to set the AIC rating for the device.

Voltage Drop Calculations: The voltage drop is calculated between each piece of distribution equipment. Feeders that exceed the maximum 3% voltage drop allowed can be easily resized.

Arc-Flash Calculations: Arc-flash calculations are performed at each piece of distribution equipment. An arc-flash schedule can be created that displays the calculated values. Arc-flash warning labels can be printed to be put on devices in the field.

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