AutoCAD Ribbon Command Reference

This section explains the commands on the DM Electrical RT and DMERT: Customization ribbon tabs in AutoCAD.

One-Line Diagram: Commands for generating and updating the one-line diagram.

Distribution Equipment: Commands for inserting and making changes to distribution equipment on the one-line diagram.

Change: Commands for changing graphics, layer systems, and database records for entities on the one-line diagram.

Labels: Commands for managing labels on the one-line diagram.

Meters: Commands for inserting and removing meters on the one-line diagram.

Bus: Commands for managing bus graphics on the one-line diagram.

Tab: Commands for inserting and removing panel tabs for entities on the one-line diagram.

Feeders: Commands for managing feeders on the one-line diagram and the feeder schedule.

Utilities: Commands for obtaining help and managing the installation of Design Master Electrical RT.

Customization: Commands for customizing Design Master Electrical RT.

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