Circuit Descriptions

With Design Master Electrical RT, circuit descriptions can be changed in a number of different places to give you greater control over the values displayed in the panel schedule.

By default, this functionality is bypassed so you can continue to set circuit descriptions through typical Revit methods if you prefer. To control your circuit descriptions using Design Master Electrical RT, set Circuit description method in the Project Options command to Use Design Master circuit descriptions.

The sections below explain how the workflow for setting circuit descriptions is different when using Design Master Electrical RT.

Do Not Change Descriptions in Panel Schedules or Circuits

Do not change the circuit description in the panel schedule. Do not change the Load Name Revit parameter in the electrical circuit.

These values are now controlled by our add-in, and any changes made directly to these values will be overwritten. Instead, use the various Edit commands to set the circuit description.

How to Use Design Master Circuit Description Settings

For projects that have Design Master circuit descriptions enabled, the circuit description is controlled by the settings in the family, instance, and circuit.

You can change the circuit description for a family, and each type in the family, using the Family Edit command. This will ensure every family instance inserted in the model will have the same default circuit description.

You can change the circuit description for a specific device in a project using the Instance Edit command. It can override the value set in the Family Edit command or specify one if the family has not been modified with our add-in. This will ensure the device keeps its circuit description if it is moved to a different circuit later.

Finally, you can add additional information to a circuit description or replace it entirely at the circuit level using the Circuit Edit command.

Families that have not been modified with the Family Edit command are ignored when setting the circuit description. If all of the families on a circuit are ignored, the default circuit description from Revit is used. To change the circuit description, use the Circuit Edit command or the Instance Edit command. Do not use the Load Name field in the electrical circuit. Changes to that field will appear to be saved, but will be lost if a family that is not ignored is added to the circuit. Using the Circuit Edit command or the Instance Edit command ensures the changes you make will be preserved no matter what happens to the circuit.

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