Create Feeder IDs

Used to manually create new feeder IDs.

Create Feeder ID Dialog Box


The Create Feeder ID dialog box is used to manually create one or more feeder IDs. Multiple settings can be selected to create feeder IDs for each combination of the selected settings.

Ampacity: The ampacity of the feeder.

Number of Conductors: The number of conductor wires.

Neutral Size: The size of the neutral wires.

Ground Size: The size of the ground wires.

Include IG: Whether the ground will be isolated.

Automatically create feeder IDs: Whether the feeder IDs are created automatically.

If this box is not checked, the New Feeder Callout ID dialog box will appear when you press the Create Feeder IDs button. For each feeder ID created, you can set the feeder ID, feeder ID group, whether feeder IDs should be automatically generated in the future, and whether the feeder ID should be added to the master schedule.

Create feeder ID in master schedule: Whether the feeder IDs will be inserted in the feeder ID master schedule.

Press the Create Feeder IDs button to create the feeder IDs.

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