Customization Basics

Feeder Sizing

Design Master Electrical RT sizes feeders using its own settings, rather than the ones included in Revit. You have complete control over how the feeders are sized. Use the commands in the Customization tab to customize the sizing.

The Wire Sizes command is used to add or remove wire sizes and to create new wire materials.

The Conduit Sizes command is used to add or remove conduit sizes and to create new conduit materials.

A common request is to not use 1/2" conduit for feeders. That easily be done by using this command and deleting the 1/2" conduit size.

The Wire Ampacities command is used to specify the wire sizes used for a specific feeder ampacity. This command also sets the impedance for the feeders. The default impedances are based upon NEC Table 9, but can be changed if desired.

Other Customization Settings

The Project Options command has several other options you can set, from changing the appearance of wire callouts to modifying how wire lengths and voltage drop are calculated.

The Family Edit command allows you to set default values in your families. You can set information about your families with this command instead of modifying them for every project using the Panel Edit or Instance Edit commands.

The Customization commands on the DM One-Line ribbon allow you to customize the graphic families used to create your one-line diagram, and how they are listed and categorized in dialog boxes. You can also set which Revit model families are always available for selection, even if they are not loaded into the current project.

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