Feeder Reset

Redraws a feeder in its default location on the one-line diagram.

You will be prompted to specify a feeder or downstream equipment.

Select feeder or downstream equipment being fed by feeder to redraw:

If you specify a feeder that is connected to multiple branch circuit devices, you will be asked whether to delete only the feeder segments leading to the specified device, or to delete the feeder for every device on the circuit. Only the feeder segments for the specified device will be reset.

You will then be prompted to specify the starting point of the feeder at the upstream distribution equipment. The starting point of the previous feeder will be marked as a guide.

Specify starting point of feeder or press ESC for the default location:

Specify a point on the upstream equipment to draw the feeder from that point, or press ESC to have the feeder drawn from the default connection point for the upstream equipment.

If the feeder has an OCP graphic, the graphic will be inserted in the default location.

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