The Help panel includes commands for obtaining help and managing the installation of Design Master Electrical RT.

Help: Displays this user manual.

Remote Support: Allows you to connect your computer to the support team at Design Master Software so we can assist you with a problem you are having.

Send Email: Creates an email addressed to us.

Send Project: Takes you to a website where you can upload a project for us to review.

Update License: Allows you to enter new license information after you have purchased Design Master Electrical RT.

Check In Floating License: Allows you to check in a floating license so another user can start using the add-in immediately.

Check for Updates: Checks if an update to the add-in is available.

Update Breaker Database: Updates the database of breaker and fuse curves used for selective coordination.

Remove Parameters: Removes all of the shared parameters added to the current project by Design Master Electrical RT.

About: Displays information about your current version of Design Master Electrical RT.

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