Used to insert a meter on the one-line diagram. Meters are for informational purposes only and are not otherwise used.

To insert a meter, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical RT->Meters-> dm_elecrt-oneLine-insertMeter Insert

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical RT->Meters->Insert Meter

Insert Meter Dialog Box


Select Block to Insert: The block to be used on the drawing for the meter.

Layer System: The layer system used when the meter is inserted on the drawing. See the Layers section for more information.

Do not change the layer directly in AutoCAD. If you do, it will likely be changed back at some point in the future. Use this dialog box or the Change Layer System command.

Press the OK button. You will be prompted to select a feeder or bus onto which the meter will be inserted.

Select feeder or bus to insert meter on:

After you select the feeder or bus, the meter will be inserted on the drawing.

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