Feeder ID

This section describes the options available in the Feeder ID group in the Options dialog box:


Include IDs on feeders: Whether feeder IDs appear on the one-line diagram.

Format: Sets how feeder IDs are generated. See the Feeder ID Formats article in the knowledge base for more information.

Automatically create feeder IDs: Whether feeder IDs are automatically generated.

Yes: Feeder IDs are generated automatically based upon the Feeder ID format.
No: When a feeder ID is generated, the New Feeder Callout ID dialog box will appear. You can then set the feeder ID, feeder ID group, and whether feeder IDs should be automatically generated in the future.

Export feeder IDs to master schedule when possible: Whether feeder IDs are copied to the Master Feeder ID Schedule when they are generated.

Import feeder IDs from master schedule when possible: When a feeder ID is generated with the same specifications as an existing feeder ID in the master schedule, this option sets whether a new feeder ID is generated or the existing feeder ID is used.

Default title: The default text that is entered in the feeder schedule title when running the Schedule Insert command.

Title text type: The default text type for the feeder schedule title.

Callout text type: The default text type for the feeder callouts in the feeder schedule.

Border line style: The line style used to draw the border around the feeder schedule and title.

Cell line style: The line style used to draw the lines between cells in the feeder schedule.

Maximum height: The maximum height of the feeder schedule. This value corresponds to inches on the printed page. When the schedule exceeds this height, it will be continued in subsequent schedules next to the first.

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