Schedule Insert

Inserts or updates the feeder schedule for the one-line diagram.

Only the feeders on the one-line diagram in the current drafting view will be displayed in the schedule. The graphics will be displayed in the schedule as they appear on the one-line diagram.

If the feeder schedule is not currently inserted on the drawing, you will be prompted for the insertion location of the schedule.

Specify insertion point of feeder schedule:

The location you specify will be used as the top-left corner for the feeder schedule.

Updating the Schedule Already on the Drawing

If the feeder schedule is already inserted on the drafting view, it will be updated in its current location.

You must update the schedule when changes are made to the project. The schedule will not update automatically.

The feeder schedule will also be updated when the Calculate Whole Project command is run.

If additional graphics, such as revision clouds, have been inserted over the schedule, be sure to check their location after updating the schedule.


Related Options

There are several options that affect the default settings and overall appearance of the feeder schedule. See the Feeder ID section of Project Options for more information.

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