User Options

Allows you to customize settings that are specific to you. These settings are stored on your computer, not in the project. Opens the User Options dialog box:

User Options Dialog Box


Customization Folder: The folder where customization files, such as one-line diagram graphic families, are stored.

Select Customization Folder: Press this button to select a new folder for the customization path.

Open: Press this button to open Windows Explorer to the folder listed in the Customization Folder field.

Warn when one-line diagram scale is not 1:12: Whether you receive a warning when you attempt to insert a one-line diagram graphic in a view that is not 1:12 scale.

If this is checked, an alert dialog box will appear displaying the scale of the current view and an explanation that default one-line diagram graphics work best at 1:12 scale. The dialog box will also ask if you want to continue receiving this warning.

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