Conduit Sizes

Allows you to create conduit sizes and conduit size groups. Opens the following dialog box:

Conduit Sizes


Group Section

Conduit size groups are used to organize conduit sizes. In general, each group corresponds to a different conduit material type. All the conduits in a specific ampacity configuration must come from the same group.

Group: Sets the current group. The conduit sizes lists all belong to the current group.

New: Creates a new group.

Delete: Deletes the current group.

Rename: Renames the current group.

Conduit Size Section

Each row in the grid lists a conduit size in the group.

Size: The size of the conduit. The size can be any text that you want. The size is used when selecting the conduit in other dialog boxes. It is also used in the feeder callout.

Area: The area of the conduit. The conduits are sorted based upon the area. The conduit fill is calculated using the area.

The units of area are intentionally left undefined. The default values are square inches. You can use any units you want, but be sure that they match the units used for wire size area.

Standard: Whether the conduit size is used when automatically sizing. Conduit sizes that do not have this value checked can be chosen manually, but they will not be used automatically.

New: Creates a new conduit size.

Delete: Deletes the current conduit size.

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