Branch circuit device: Other

These values are displayed when the Device Type is set to Branch circuit device: Other.

Family Edit: Branch circuit device: Other


Family Settings

The settings for the family. The values set in this top grid are used unless they are overridden by settings in the bottom Type Settings grid.

Device Type: The type of electrical device. Each type has different values that can be set. Displayed here are the settings for Branch circuit device: Other.

Circuit Description: The description that will be displayed on circuits that this device is connected to.

Load: The load defined on the connectors in the family. This value is read-only and connect be changed in this command. Modify the values in the connectors to change this value.

Type Settings

The settings for specific types in the family. Values set here override the values set in the top Family Settings grid.

Override Circuit Description: Whether or not to override the circuit description set in the Family Settings grid for this family type.

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