Editing Circuits

Branch circuit breakers and wire sizes can be set automatically based upon the connected load of the branch circuit.

If you open a current project, we lock all the breaker sizes to match your current breaker sizes. Locking the breaker sizes means that loading our add-in does not make drastic changes to the breaker sizes in your current project.

On new projects, the breaker sizes will be to Size Automatically. They will be sized based upon 125% of the connected load of the branch circuit.

To override the sizes, use the Circuit Edit command. This command allows you to set specific breaker and wire sizes. It is useful when you need to adjust a breaker size for a piece of equipment or the wire size to account for voltage drop. You can also use it on current projects to change the breaker size back to Size Automatically.

The branch circuit breaker size uses the Rating value of the circuit. It should be displayed automatically for you in your panel schedule.

The branch circuit wire sizes use custom shared parameter values. You have to manually modify your panel schedule to display these values. See the Modifying Panel Schedules section for more information on how to make these values appear.

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