Editing Panels

To use Design Master Electrical RT, you need to add some additional information to your current electrical model.

Start by going to the Panel Edit command. All of the distribution equipment in your project will be listed here. You will need to:

Review the feeder settings for each piece of equipment and confirm they are correct.
Set the kVA for each transformer.
Set the starting fault at the equipment connected to the utility.

Review Feeder Settings

Go to the Feeder Settings section for each piece of distribution equipment. The feeder size is based upon the Conductor Amps setting.Conductor Amps will default to Size Automatically, which means the feeder size will be based upon the Upstream OCP setting.

For panels, the default value of Upstream OCP is Same as main disconnect or bus amps. The feeder will be sized based upon the Mains / Bus Amps value in the Definition section.

For transformers, the default value of Upstream OCP is Size to match kVA. The feeder will be sized based upon the Transformer kVA value in the Definition section.

To override the feeder size, use the Conductor Amps, Neutral, and Ground fields.

The feeder length is calculated automatically and displayed in the dialog box. You can override the length if necessary. You do not have to use the calculated length.

Set Transformer kVA

For transformers, you need to specify the Transformer kVA in the Definition section. Using a standard Revit model, there is no standard transformer kVA field. You have to manually set the kVA a second time if you do not make any changes to your families.

Set Starting Fault

Go to the transformer connected to the utility or the topmost piece of distribution equipment in your model. In the Fault Calculations section, set the Fault at Device to the appropriate value.

If you do not enter the fault at the distribution equipment at the top of the tree in your model, an infinite fault from the utility is assumed. The fault schedule will display UTILITY for the fault value.

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