Export One-Line

Exports the information from the Revit model to AutoCAD for use in creating a one-line riser diagram.

The first time you run the command, it opens this dialog box:


Select the DM file where you want to export the information to. The DM file needs to be created before you run this command in AutoCAD using the DM Electrical RT->Utilities->New Project command.

The next time your run this command, it opens this dialog box:


The location of the folder where the information will be exported to is listed.

Calculated then export: Press this button to run the Calculate command before exporting the information. This action will update all the information in the model so that it is correct, but it takes a moment to run.

Export: Press this button to export the information as it currently exists. This action allows you to export immediately if you have recently run the Calculate command command or know your model has not changed since you last ran the command.

Choose new export location: Press this button to choose a new location to export the information to. The Select database to export to dialog box will be shown.

After the information has been exported, go to AutoCAD and use the DM Electrical RT->Update One-Line Diagram command to update the values on your AutoCAD drawing.

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