Coordinate Drawings and Database

The Coordinate Drawing and Database command is used to compare the project database with one or more drawings and confirm that everything is the same in both of them.

To coordinate a set of selected drawings with the database, go to

DM HVAC->Utilities->Coordinate Drawing and Database

Select Drawings Dialog Box

Utilities--Coordinate Drawings and Database.Select Drawings dialog box

Drawing List: Select the drawings you want to coordinate with the database. The current drawing is selected when the command is first run. Use the CTRL and SHIFT keys to select multiple drawings in the list. All of the selected drawings will be coordinated with the database.

Select Currently Open Drawing: Press this button to select the current drawing.

Press OK to coordinate the selected drawings with the database.

The following actions will be performed:

Devices on the drawing will be added to the database.
Devices in the database will be added to the drawing. If the command causes a device to be inserted directly on top of another device, the new device is displaced slightly so for comparison purposes.
Devices in both the drawing and the database will be reviewed to ensure consistency of location.
Any changes to the light fixture schedule, such as new graphics for a light fixture callout, will be made in the drawing.
Any changes to the receptacle schedule, such as new graphics for a receptacle type, will be made in the drawing.

When this command is finished, the drawing and the database will match. All devices on the drawing will accurately reflect the information stored in the database.

Devices reinserted on the drawing from the database will be highlighted with lines from the origin to their insertion point. These devices should be reviewed to determine if they should be kept or not. Use the AutoCAD erase command to remove excess devices from the drawing.

The coordinate lines can be removed either using the AutoCAD erase command and selecting the coordinate lines, or by using the Erase Coordination Lines command.

When to Use the Coordinate Drawing and Database Command

When you make changes to a drawing, these changes are immediately recorded in the database. Changes are not recorded in the drawing until it is saved. If AutoCAD crashes before the drawing is saved, the database has newer and better information than the drawing does. Use the Coordinate Drawing and Database command to match the drawing and database, and often can recover information that AutoCAD lost.

Changes to customization settings are not immediately reflected on the drawings. If you change your customization settings in the middle of a project, use the Coordinate Drawing and Database command to update the drawings.

There are other times where the coordinate command can fix errors in your project. A backup of the current drawing and database are made before the coordinate is run in case something unexpected happens during the command.

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