Import from Project Schedule

The Import from Project Schedule button is used to import records from a project schedule to the master schedule. The button can be used to copy an entire project schedule or a single record. The button allows you to create your master schedule from a project schedule.

When you press the button, the Select Database to Import From dialog box will appear and prompt you to select the project to import the schedule records from.


Select the database to import from. You must select a Design Master Electrical database. The database must be updated to the most current version. If it is not, you will be prompted to open a drawing in the project to convert the database. After it is updated you will then be able to import from it.

After you select the database, the Import from Another Database dialog box will appear and prompt you to select the records to import.


Select Records to Import: Select the records from the other database that you want to import. You can select multiple records using the SHIFT and CTRL keys. These records will be imported when you press the OK button.

Import All Records: Press this button to import all of the records from the other database.

If a record with the same name already exists in the master schedule, a new record will be created with (Copy) appended to the record name. The existing record will not be modified.

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