Insert Centerline Elevation Label

The Insert Centerline Label command is used to insert an elevation label on a pipe that displays the elevation of the center of the duct.

To insert a center elevation label on a duct, go to

Ribbon: DM HVAC->3D-BIM-> dm_hvac-insertCenterElevationLabel Insert Centerline Elevation Label

Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC->3D-BIM->Insert Centerline Elevation Label

You will be prompted to identify which section of duct is to be labeled.

Select duct to insert label on:

Specify the location of the center elevation label on the drawing. See the Inserting Notes and Leaders on the Drawing section for more information about inserting the label.

Related Options

Leader graphic: Sets the block used for elevation label leaders.

Leader location: Sets whether leaders snap to the edge or center of ducts.

Centerline block: Sets the block used for the centerline elevation label.

Centerline label: Sets how the centerline elevation is displayed on the label.

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