Insert Pressure Drop Report

The Insert Pressure Drop Report command is used to insert a report on the drawing that documents the pressure drop in the critical run of the ductwork.

The report lists a row for each duct section in the critical run. An ID tag is listed in each row. A corresponding ID tag is placed next to each duct in the critical run. The ID tags can be moved on the drawing to an appropriate location using standard AutoCAD commands. When the report is updated, the ID tags will stay in their current location.

The layer of the duct centerlines in the critical run is changed to make it easier to find on the drawing.

To insert a duct pressure drop report onto the current drawing, go to

DM HVAC->Calculations->Insert Pressure Drop Report

You will be prompted to select a duct in the run to insert the report for.

Select duct or label in run to generate a pressure drop report for:

Insert Duct Pressure Drop Report Dialog Box

Calculations--Insert Duct Pressure Drop Report dialog box

Schedule Notes: A note that will appear below the schedule when inserted on the drawing.

Maximum Schedule Height: Whether or not the schedule has a maximum height.

If this is not checked, the schedule will be in a single schedule.

If this is checked, you can specify the maximum height of the schedule. When the schedule exceeds this height, it will be continued in a second schedule next to the first. The label of the second schedule will have the Schedule Title Continued Label option added to it to indicate that it is a continuation of the first schedule. See the Options->Miscellaneous section for more information.

Specify on Drawing: Press this button to specify the Maximum Schedule Height on the drawing. The dialog box will be closed and you will be prompted to specify the height.

Specify maximum schedule height:

The distance that you enter on the drawing will be used as the maximum height. It is simplest to draw a line straight down to where the bottom of the schedule should be located.

Edit Title, Column Labels, and Column Order: Use this button to modify the layout of the duct pressure drop report on the drawing. See the Labels and Schedules->Edit Duct Pressure Drop Report section for more information.

Calculate Pressure Drop: Whether or not the pressure drop in the ductwork will be calculated before the report is inserted on the drawing. Calculating the pressure drop takes a long time. If you have calculated the pressure drop in the system and have not made any changes to the ductwork since the calculation, you can uncheck this box to save time.

Draw Ductwork: Whether or not the ductwork is redrawn after the pressure drop calculations are performed.

Inserting or Updating the Report on the Drawing

To insert or update the report, press OK.

Inserting the Report the First Time

If the duct pressure drop report is not currently inserted on the drawing, you will be prompted for the insertion location of the report.

Specify insertion point for pressure drop report:

The location you specify will be used as the top-left corner for the duct pressure drop report.

Updating the Report Already on the Drawing

If the duct pressure drop report is already inserted on the drawing, it will be updated in its current location.

It is necessary to update the report on the drawing when you make changes to the duct layout. The report will not update automatically.

If you have manually inserted graphics, such as revision clouds, over the report graphic, always be certain to check their location after updating the report.

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